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Parsons Bruce Open Art Studio

Welcome to a new experience!  

Although we do not have a "store front" as such, we do have a location!

We meet at 1:30 -3:30 each Tuesday in the undercroft (area below the sanctuary) at St. John's Episcopal Church in Halifax. We will be "open" each Tuesday until the last Tuesday in May.

Bring your art materials other than oil or acrylic paint and create your own art. We will provide a still life for your use or you can bring your own ideas, photos, or props and join us. Our purpose is to set aside time each week to enjoy creating art.  (No PAINTS????  Fumes and plumbing are not suitable for use at this location)

There is no charge! The only time there would be a charge is to pay a nominal fee to a professional for a workshop, instruction or critique.

There is no intimidation!! We help each other and enjoy the time together with others who enjoy creating art.

Mediums welcomed:
Charcoal Sticks
Art Sticks

Drawing Pencils
Colored Pencils
Watercolor Pencils and Paint
Any and all materials for creating a collage

Bring your sketch books, drawing pads, and paper.

You are not obligated to come each week, come when you can!! We want to be there for you and with you!

Please feel free to bring a friend with you to the Open Art Studio! 

For more information contact:

Margaret S. Covington
P O Box 823

Halifax, Virginia 24558
Cell # or Text: 434 572 0547


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